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  • microSD Card CompatibilityThe Fly6 GEN 3 supports FAT32 formatted microSD cards up to 128GB. Although higher capacity microSD cards may function it is important to [...]
  • Power IssuesIf your Fly6 Generation 3 is having power issues, such as not powering on or holding charge follow these suggestions.
  • Connectivity IssuesIf you are unable to connect your Fly6 Generation 3 to the CycliqPlus app follow these suggestions.
  • Recording IssuesIf your Fly6 Generation 3 is experiencing recording issues follow these suggestions.
  • Battery IssuesBattery runtime is not as expected For expected runtimes depending on your settings please see below. If for any reason your Fly6 [...]
  • Footage IssuesIf your Fly6 Generation 3 is experiencing footage issues follow these suggestions.