Had a cycling safety incident?

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UpRide.cc is an interactive map-based visualization of cycling incidents and black spots around the world. It relies on a community of bike riders who want to share their stories to help others stay safe on the roads. So check it out, upload your ride, and make cycling safer.

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We believe there are three things that can change the safety equation for bike riders. Raising AWARENESS of how big the problem is and the changes that can be made to make sure every road user gets home safely. Influencing planning priorities with the only real-world INFORMATION on cycling black spots. Getting the evidence needed to PROSECUTE drivers who continue to put lives at risk.

If you’ve had a crash on the road, been subjected to a close pass, abuse, threatening behaviour or have captured footage of anything else that shows something dangerous while out riding, submit it to UpRide and use your footage to help make cycling safer.

Here's what you need to know

Should I edit my footage?

No – Shortened raw footage is best.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Upload footage in its original, unedited form
  • Maintain high resolution and quality – do not compress
  • Don’t zoom, filter, add transitions or upload screenshots
  • Clear all participants in the video
  • Short and sweet – trim your footage for a quicker upload (allowing 5-10 seconds before and after the incident captured).

If there is more to the story or you would like to draw our attention to a specific detail, please describe it in the video description field when uploading.


By submitting content, you accept the terms. In essence, this means that:

  • by submitting your content, you give us the right to share and use your submitted content.
  • You agree and guarantee there are no infringements in terms of copyright and that everybody that is identifiable in your footage has given you permission to use the video and/or photo. See full terms & conditions.