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CycliqPlus for Android, version 4.5

May 9, 2023

A new CycliqPlus update is available for Android.


Here’s the changes in this CycliqPlus 4.5 update for Android:

  • Added Save and Edit video actions to My footage
  • Added PC connected indicator for Fly devices
  • Return to My videos screen after exporting and previewing a video
  • Charging status indicator for Fly12 Sport
  • Bluetooth LE stability fixes
  • Japanese language fixes
  • Korean language fixes
  • My footage and USB OTG fixes
  • Connected device screen fixes
  • Device light setting fixes
  • Device video setting fixes
  • Fly12 Sport fixes
  • Fly6 GEN 3 fixes
  • Fly12 CE fixes
  • Fly6 CE fixes
  • Video editor fixes
  • My footage fixes

Download the latest CycliqPlus for Android update from the Google Play Store or by visiting the Software page on our website.